What sets us apart?

Evolve is the first Cyber Security Bootcamp in the country and our primary focus is on creating top-tier cyber security talent and placing them into high-paying jobs. Graduates of our rigorous curriculum are prepared for entry-to-mid level positions as Security Analysts, Engineers, or Consultants. 

Real Work Experience

As a part of the curriculum, students engage with a not-for-profit company and perform and deliver a full assessment on that company.

Well-Rounded Professionals

Curriculum provides a high level understanding of Security as a whole but then also dives deep into the nuances of Security Program Creation/Administration, Defense, Detection and Architecture, Vulnerability Detection / Management, and Incident Response / Forensics.

Learn and Network from the Best in the Industry

For each module, a subject matter expert from our extensive advisory network delivers case studies, conducts lab exercises or lectures to the cohort, providing them with concrete insight into the industry as well as great networking opportunities.


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