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Cyber Security With The Best

Evolve Security is a proud conference partner of With The Best. With The Best is the first online conference series for developers, focusing on bringing together worldwide peers, mentors, and experts with the same technical focus, to share knowledge, learn, and network -- regardless of geographical boundaries. 


With The Best is offering you a 50% discount for a full weekend online tech conference for developers featuring the world’s top IoT technology experts, amazing startups, labs, and hard core devs. Confirmed speakers include David Freeman, Head of Anti-Abuse and Anomaly Detection at Linkedin, Patrick McDaniel, IEEE Fellow and Professor at at  Penn State University, and Scott Schober, Author, News Network Commentator and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics. Check out more on our website.

Live tech talks from each speaker, followed by Q&As for you to dig a bit deeper, and book a private 1-to-1 session to have your own time with a Cybersecurity expert! Share and boost your own skills with other Security gurus and enthusiasts around the world.

Not available for the whole conference? No worries! You’ll have access to all the talks after the event.

Don’t miss out - purchase your tickets today for $30 instead of the standard rate of $60 using code EVOLVESEC50