How a credit card breach is conducted

Credit card breaches have been around for almost a decade and they are still making headlines. What are we doing wrong? Jibran Ilyas from Stroz Friedberg will illustrate how a credit card data breach is conducted by cyber criminals. The talk will include the evolution of credit card hackers, along with a Live Demo of a malware targeting cardholder data.

About Jibran:

Jibran Ilyas serves as a Director in Stroz Friedberg’s Global Incident Response practice. He serves as one of the firm’s investigative leads for high profile data breaches, and in turn, leverages this knowledge for organizations seeking proactive risk assessments. Jibran specializes in data breaches related to Economic Espionage, Nation-State Cyber Espionage, Payment Card Data, Cyber Crime and Banking Fraud.

As a thought leader throughout the years, Jibran has presented on the topics of computer forensics and cybercrime at several global security conferences including DEFCON, Black Hat USA, Microsoft Digital Crimes Conference, etc. Jibran is an Adjunct Lecturer for a Digital Forensics course at Northwestern University.

Jibran has conducted forensics training for United States Secret Service (USSS) and has worked closely with them and other law enforcement agencies to track and ultimately arrest major cyber criminals. In 2008, he was respectfully credited with being the first researcher to publish a whitepaper on memory dumping malware and its connection to large scale breaches in the retail industry. Visa Inc. soon thereafter issued Jibran’s findings in a two-page “Visa Data Security Alert”.

Jibran has a Bachelor’s degree in Networks Technology from DePaul University and a Master’s degree in Information Technology Management from Northwestern University.

About Evolve Security Academy:

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