Secure Mechanisms for Data Handling in Healthcare with MATTER & Brian Liceaga

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Join us as we Evolve Security's Brian Liceaga partners with MATTER to discuss Healthcare Security. 


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Secure mechanisms for transferring and receiving data are critical to ensure adequate care of sensitive information, including PII and PHI. Whether you are a health care startup or large organization, suitable protections for data at rest and in transit can be implemented at surprisingly low costs. Establishing secure data standards and controls allows for ease of use in doing business with partners/customers/patients, a reduction vendor risk, and lessens the complexities of achieving compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. From the time data is ingested, there needs to be an audit trial that can account for each step of processing, including additional transfers, until the data is appropriately stored at rest. Further, automation should be leveraged whenever possible to minimize the risks of human error. Ultimately, the approach for enabling secure data sharing needs to stem from the organization’s data classification and handling standards. The talk will address how to categorize data and focus on how companies can accomplish secure data transfers across several different mediums. 


About Brian: 

Brian Liceaga has worked and consulted for organizations of all sizes from start-ups to large corporations. Brian’s experience includes vulnerability management, application security, incident response, security program development, cloud security, DevSecOps, and penetration testing. Notably, he has developed and implemented solutions to establish secure SDLC processes for Waterfall and Agile environments. Recently, his focus has been on nextgeneration vulnerability management utilizing automation and orchestration as well as finding solutions for privacy and security to better coexist. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from the Department of Computer Science at Loyola University Chicago.


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Evolve is a cyber security bootcamp that provides students with hands-on training from highly experienced industry professionals. Evolve partners with not-for-profits, performing security assessment work throughout the curriculum, giving each student the real project work experience and concrete practical skills that are needed to land or advance a career. Evolve’s primary focus is on creating top-tier cyber security talent and placing them into high-paying jobs through professional staffing and direct hire services. 

About Matter:

 MATTER is a community of healthcare innovators, an incubator of ideas, and a catalyst for change. We are boots-on-the-ground entrepreneurs pushing against the status quo and established institutions dedicated to improving patients’ lives. At MATTER we are all hungry for change, and we’re working together to solve real and complex healthcare problems.