Network Forensics 101 Lab w/ Alex Castillo of FireEye

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Food and Beverages will be provided thanks to our sponsor TEKsystems! 


We are becoming more and more dependent on open networks (internet) where most of our transactions live. This has led to the fast development of new cyber threats and information security issues, which are utilized by cyber criminals. Mistrust for telecommunications and computer network technologies have tremendous socioeconomic impacts. The increased complexity of the communication and networking infrastructure is making investigation of the crimes difficult. Clues of illegal digital activities are often buried in large volumes of data that are hard to inspect in order to detect crimes and collect evidence. 

Network forensics is a newly emerged research area, and its importance has attracted a great attention among computer professionals, law enforcers, and practitioners. However, network forensics still faces diverse challenges and issues in terms of the efficiency of digital evidence processing and the related forensic procedures. Come learn more in this hands on 101 lab. 

About Alex Castillo:

Alex has been involved with organizations as small as local non-profits private schools to large publicly traded fortune 500 companies. In his 6 years of professional security experience he has helped build Security Operation Centers, secure PCI and SCADA environments and traveled to various countries to perform security assessment for his clients. As part of FireEye, Alex is now focused on bringing his wealth of knowledge and  security expertise to a much larger audience to ensure his clients are as optimally protected and prepared for the challenges they have yet to face. A security enthusiast, Alex currently has 15 different security certifications, a Bachelors and Masters from DePaul and is currently working towards contributing more to the security community that has helped him so much. 

About Evolve Security Academy: 

Evolve is a cyber security bootcamp that provides students with hands-on training from highly experienced industry professionals. Evolve partners with not-for-profits, performing security assessment work throughout the curriculum, giving each student the real project work experience and concrete practical skills that are needed to land or advance a career. Evolve’s primary focus is on creating top-tier cyber security talent and placing them into high-paying jobs through professional staffing and direct hire services. 

About TEKSystems: 

TEKsystems is a $3.8 billion IT services company, known for excellence in the industry.  We provide the best talent in the country by hand picking the best and brightest and placing them at our client sites.  We have deployed over 2,000 Information Security consultants in the past two years. We currently have over 500 active CISSP certified consultants and 400 recruiters certified to identify top talent. We also stay informed on market trends by partnering with companies such as SailPoint, Curion, RSA, Oracle and many more.