Hacking in the '80s, '90s and Today: What's Changed and What Has Not

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Evolve Security Academy and TEKsystems are very excited to have Johnny Xmas join us and talk to the group. Johnny will be walking us through how hacking has and has not changed over the past few decades.

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Since the Second Industrial Revolution, technology has been advancing at a rate beyond anyone’s estimates. That means us old folks got to hack a whole lot of awesome stuff in our short lifetimes, much of which is already long since obsolete. Here, Johnny Xmas will deliver one of his famous “When I Was Your Age” rants, this time aimed at the 1990’s and the Rise of the Internet, and the explosion of the hacker community that happened back then, just as it is happening now. Topics covered will probably include cable TV piracy, wardialing, offensive payphonery, mainframe hacking, “Hackers Vs. Crackers”, the mere difficulty of Internet & computer access, and how so many of the “modern” web exploits you use today are really decades old.

About Johnny Xmas:

Johnny Xmas is a penetration tester for the Chicago-Based MSS and Security Assessment firm RedLegg International, and has been speaking Internationally on the topics of Information Security, Career Advancement and Social Engineering for nearly 15 years. You may recall him from various local news appearances, his work on the 2015 TSA keys leak, or as the Hacking Expert on Gamespot \ MATPAT’s “Reality Check” series. His infamous mixture of humor, raw sincerity and honest love of people lead to hilarious, but at their core serious discussions revolving around his frustration over how much people seem to desire to get in their own way. Master of terrible accessorizing, you’ll often find him mixing vests with wallet chains, man buns and bracelets, and almost invariably topping it all off with a pair of cat ears that have heard more than you’d ever want to know.

About Evolve Security Academy 

Evolve is a cyber security bootcamp that provides students with hands-on training from highly experienced industry professionals. Evolve partners with not-for-profits, performing security assessment work throughout the curriculum, giving each student the real project work experience and concrete practical skills that are needed to land or advance a career. Evolve’s primary focus is on creating top-tier cyber security talent and placing them into high-paying jobs through professional staffing and direct hire services.

About TEKsystems:

TEKsystems is a $3.8 billion IT services company, known for excellence in the industry.  We provide the best talent in the country by hand picking the best and brightest and placing them at our client sites.  We have deployed over 2,000 Information Security consultants in the past two years. We currently have over 500 active CISSP certified consultants and 400 recruiters certified to identify top talent. We also stay informed on market trends by partnering with companies such as SailPoint, Curion, RSA, Oracle and many more.

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